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Roxy Riou

Roxy Riou

Long Island, NY


Always an Artist at heart, I was raised in Greenwich Village, certainly when it was the Bohemian center of New York City. The people, architecture, concepts, and small-town living in the middle of a big city helped to form how I see the world - my own personal brand of Life-Thought. I love to see the everyday Magic in Nature, in our Universe and within Us. My art comes from the Heart, and the Muses that stop by then and again. I hope you enjoy your strolls through my galleries and that you will find something to make your heart smile!

If you own a shoppe and would like to carry some of my work as greeting cards or smaller-sized prints, please contact me by e-mail and I will happily work with you! :D

Blessings and Love...

Roxy Riou
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Art Prints


Yule Splendor by Roxy Riou


Kaleidoscope Ice Star by Roxy Riou


Tangerine Dream Kaleidoscope by Roxy Riou


Kaleidoscope Ice Pierrot by Roxy Riou


Summertime Easy Living Kaleidoscope by Roxy Riou


Yule Star by Roxy Riou


Kaleidoscope Ice by Roxy Riou


Goddess Love by Roxy Riou


Kaleidoscope Icicle Sparkle by Roxy Riou


The Return of Light by Roxy Riou


Light Show Kaleidoscope by Roxy Riou


In Childlike Wonder by Roxy Riou


Kaleidoscope Ice Forest by Roxy Riou


Demeters Lament by Roxy Riou


Light Dance Kaleidoscope by Roxy Riou


Spring Tulip Kaleidoscope by Roxy Riou


Theatre Lights by Roxy Riou


Iris Kaleidoscope by Roxy Riou


Star Power Kaleidoscope by Roxy Riou


Pearls of Wisdom Kaleidoscope by Roxy Riou


Kaleidoscope Lights by Roxy Riou


Orange Desert Flower Kaleidoscope by Roxy Riou


Aztec Sunburst by Roxy Riou